The people who were, in different ways, involved with Charlton Chat over the years include:


Steve Sutherland
Clive Richardson

Occasional studio contributor:

Carrie White (Miss Charlton)

Fielding the calls:

Rick Everitt
Roy King
Jackie Monahan
Chris Parkes
Anne Bradshaw (nee Payne)
Mark Kleinman

Guest driver:

Paul Pace


Tom Morris

Studio guests have included:  Brian Kinsey, Arthur Horsfield, Peter Croker, Colin Walsh, Mark Reid, Stuart Balmer, Charlie Wright, Lennie Lawrence, Mike Norris, Mike Flanagan, Richard Collins, Scott Minto, Andy Jones, George Green, Charlie Revell, Colin Clarke, Andy Bryant, Chris Parkes, Peter Burrowes, Tom Morris, Karl Howman, Cheryl Baker, Paul Mortimer, Mickie Bennett, Richard Hunt, Terry Morrison, Mike Salmon, Roger Ham, Colin Cameron, Roger Alwen, Judy Ufton, Anthony Barness and many others. 

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