Background story of Charlton Chat by Clive R

26 April 2023 1 year ago

Background story of Charlton Chat by Clive R

Clive Richardson, who was the co-founder/presenter of Charlton Chat gives us the background story of how it all began.

I had been doing a radio show on RTM Radio, the cable station in Thamesmead for a year or so, from 1989 to 1990, and my show was going out on a Sunday evening. When I went off air at 7pm, so did the station. So what happened was a chance conversation with Steve Sutherland regarding Charlton and if I asked the station manager at Radio Thamesmead, Patrick Rudden, about the option of having a football show following on from my music show. The conversation took place. Patrick was agreeable. Steve was agreeable and the whole thing fell neatly into place, as things do in radio and football. And then on Sunday, January the 29th, the first issue of Charlton Chat was broadcast...

Charlton Chat was always in the top ten listening figures for RTM radio for the duration of its broadcast, and the pioneering show that it was, it was the first show to feature a local football club.

Click here to listen as Clive tells you all about how Charlton Chat started…


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